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Danuvia Motorcycle Project

Danuvia is a hungarian and international vehicle industry trademark that has existed since 1924. Danuvia motorcycles previously were sold in many countries of the world, Eastern Europe, Canada, USA, England,Argentina etc, where they had an established market. By the mid 70s, more than 157,000 pieces were made of it, at the peak of production 100 vehicles left the factory every day. In the 1950s and 1960s Danuvia is mainly with a clean design, reliable and indelible, unique appearance and available goods meant motorcycles. Under this brand name, there are several significant international success in the most diverse branches of international motorcycle racing.



The primary task and goal of the Danuvia Project is the designing, construction and production of new Danuvia motorcycles. Its main field of activity is the development of motorcycle technologies, exhaust systems, carbon-plastic elements, welded titanium and titanium alloy parts, electric powertrain and control, as well as the development of their application technologies and design for the vehicle industry.

Construction, operating, maintenance and developing machines is our know-how and family tradition for more than century beginning with mobile saw machines, agriculture and trading business.In the course of our work, we have achieved outstanding results and successes in motorcycle sports racing (national, international and world championships), organization of competitions, design and construction of ,racetracks – as well as development, design and production of motorcycles, tuning, design and production of special parts and distribution.


The technical development activity attracted the interest of the Association of Hungarian Inventors, which invited the head of the Project to be one of its members, in past we had registered patents already. The usage of titanium and carbon technology developments in our project is characterized by the fact that the company manager previously cooperated with many well-known motorcycle factories as a dealer, supplier, and manufactured and distributed exhaust drums and exhaust systems under his own brand name. We have established a wide network of contacts with various domestic and foreign partners, European, far east countires and also we have a broad supplier background contacts.

The head of the project is himself a passionate motorcyclist, his family tradition in motorcycle know-how is almost 80 years. We are owning the right to use the trademark Danuvia, registered and protected by international patent writes. Our activity were reported by numerous hungarian and international media.


Important results were manifested in more than twenty successful universities diploma theses about Danuvia motorcycles. Our Danuvia Nova Supermoto design, created as part of one of our diploma projects, won a special award from the Hungarian Patent Office at the Hungarian Design Award competition.

As a result of the years long technical development process, the Project has reached the realization phase, which means the completion of the more prototypes (pre-production). The presented Danuvia SupeRetro have been so successful that many of their technical and design elements was etalon for the motorcycles of other major manufacturers.

We using combustion engines in several machine classes. In addition, development direction has been given priority to the creation of mainly urban and agglomeration new motorcycles prototypes with electric drive. We are working continuously on motorcycles technology,safety driving and new design of advanced powertrain like electric, hybrid, hydrogen technology in cooperation with well-known technical universities.

Our mission is production and sales of existing types, continue and complete our current developments, create future types with innovative solutions and continue participate in scientific projects.